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Southern Gospel Gold - Music Playlist

Provident Music playlist series entitled Lifter Today has created a playlist for various Christian and family-friendly genres. For Southern Gospel Music, they have created SOUTHERN GOSPEL GOLD. The Browns will be consistently included on the playlist! Over time it will be updated and music changed so you are listening to the newest music! Lifter Today has playlists on each platform (Spotify, Pandora, Apple). We are thrilled to be able to have our music on these playlists, and invite you to add this playlist to your Apple, Spotify and Pandora library as well.  I’ve found it great to listen to in the car, at work, and at home!

Singing News Magazine

Do you look forward to getting mail?! In this digital age I tend to look forward to physical mail a lot more! The Singing News Magazine is the “printed voice of Gospel Music” (They do have a digital version too, if that’s more your thing!) Full of articles and news from your favorite groups. It includes touring schedules so you know when a music group will be in your area. PLUS….. Michaela writes the COOKING ARTICLE EVERY MONTH!!