Well, we had a great time in Branson!!! We always do! Our day and a half trip turned into a 3 day one, but no complaining here! We sang at the Music City Center on Sunday night. That has always been one of our favorite theaters there in Branson, so it was a blast to sing there. It also helped that it has a Starbucks Coffee in the lobby!!!! 

Monday – Mom, our friend Sharon and I went to The Brett Family Morning Show. It was great! Then we met up with the boys on the Lake and spent the day cliff jumping!!!  The Shoji Tabuchi Show was on the agenda for the evening. He is an amazing Violinist from Japan. His show was very first class and a fabulous production! 

Tuesday – We went to Silver Dollar City with our friends the Leppers and Delawders. We had such a good time. They have a new culinary school there that offer classes in the afternoon and some in the evening. So all of us girls went to the cooking school!! That night we went to our all time favorite show in Branson, The Haygoods. They were amazing!! We went for some ice cream after the show when Adam and Alexa saw a Skycoaster. Since Alexa had never been on one, they decided to try it! I’ll post some pictures! 

Wednesday – After we made a quick trip to Dino’s 14 Karrot Cake Bakery and bought a loaf of his famous Carrot Cake we hit the road for NC. 

So, we have been on the road since! We stopped in Chattanooga for lunch with a friend, now we are back on the road! 

Stay cool in this heat! Mic