We left home for our FLorida tour in a blizzard last week!!! Keith had to take the tractor and dig us out of our driveway and down the gravel road. Michaela and I took off before the bus in our Jeep that we tow behind the bus. We thought we would get our hair done in Omaha before we headed South. (Are we high maintenance or what?)
We were almost to Omaha when I hit black ice. Just before we hit the ditch I did what I always tell the kids to do, call out the name of the Lord! We hit the ditch, rolled and came to rest right side up. There was glass everywhere and Mic had one small cut on her finger.
When they tell you that your life passes before your eyes it’s not true, there’s no time! I am so thankful for an ever watchful God and His protection. With the below zero temperatures I’m glad we didn’t have to wait long for a highway patrolman to come to our rescue. I was even able to witness to him after he wrote out my ticket!
All weekend long I’ve been thinking how wonderful life is! I guess God isn’t finished with us yet or we’d be home in heaven! Love life, live it to it’s fullest, and don’t forget to tell the people around you that you love and appreciate them!!!