Well, Monday evening at the Immanuel Baptist Church in Wasau, WI was a concert that we will remember for a while!
It started out well and we were having a wonderful time. We got to the second to last song of the concert, “I’m Gonna Shout” ( the one with the fiddle chain in the middle). The stage was set up with two big platforms and we sang all of the concert on the highest one. Well, on that song Adam decided to play the violin part on the the second platform so Andrew set up his stool down the two steps.
We got to the fiddle chain and mom was on the end like normal…. then it came time to go back up the steps to the microphones. Well, I sing the first part so I quickly turned around and somehow Mom was right behind me so I kinda bumped into her and around her and up the stairs… then Adam’s part came and he turned around and Mom was in front of him so he kinda managed his way around her. So, Mom kinda stumbled up the stairs losing her balance and stumbling across the stage… then she lost her shoe… then she was headed to the back of the stage and into the stools when Andrew stepped in front of her and tried to catch her.
At just the right moment I turned around from singing to see where they were… just in time to seen Mom fall into Andrews arms and BOTH crash to the ground at the back of the stage!!!
Well, as Dad always told us from our youth “if your hat falls off, keep on singing!” and that is just what we did! Mom and Andrew both jumped up and were back at their microphones in no time!
Yes, it was VERY hard to pull it together and not laugh our way through the rest of the song… but all is well that ends well!!

In the Brown house we are always saying “that would ONLY happen to Mom!!!” and here again….. she never lets us down 🙂

Just another crazy adventure on the Brown Bus!