We had a great weekend in Birmingham, AL singing with The Trammell’s and three other groups. Those Southern folks know how to make a group feel at home. We did our set and ended with a song that brought them to their feet. The emcee brought us back on stage for an encore and, as they say down south, the crowd was, “jumpin pews and throwing babies’! As we walked off stage the emcee said, “See, I told you that you’d like these Yankees!” Love that Southern Hospitality!
It was wonderful to sing with Jessica and Nick and spend a few days with them. Jessica’s boss took us out for a great meal and sang her praises to us. It is great to know she is working for a company owned by folks who are fun, wise, successful, and appreciate her so much! Nick is doing great in his classes and should complete his CPA degree in 2011. He has been so diligent and is getting great grades.
Our visits with The Trammell’s are usually short, but very sweet! Sweet Home Alabama!!!