This past weekend we sang at the Twin Cities Quartet convention in Bloomington, MN. Since before “The Browns” were even an “idea” of a singing group, moms trio “New Creation Trio” had been singing at it for years before that.                  So, I guess you could say that we have been going for around 15 years!! What a tribute to Jim Loving and Harold Vogel with LoveSong Productions for bringing Southern Gospel Music to the Midwest for so many years. The weekend audience was blessed by the music ministries of Higher Power Qt, Living River Qt, Master’s Voice, Chancellors Qt, Gospelmen Qt, Master’s Voice, Marshall’s, Foundation Qt, Allen Family, Gates Family, Stillwater Qt, Faithful Men Qt and Sweetwater Revival.                                                                                                                                                                                             Many of these groups and our midwest friends have been attending since the beginning. It’s good every once and a while to sit back with old friends and reminisce on days past. I think that it is when we do this that God shows us where He has brought us from, and also show’s us His faithfulness through the years. There is not a memory looking back on my life or our singing ministry that I do not see God’s hand leading us in the way He planned before we even had a song in our hearts! 

The Friends we saw this weekend, both in groups and in attendance reminded us time and time again how much we have grown up over the years!! They have been there from the beginning and have loved and supported us the whole way!!  It’s fun talking about the “good ole days” but looking back it sure makes it exciting to see what more God has for each one of us in the days ahead!  

Looking forward to the days ahead! Michaela